Healthcare delivery has one of the most profound impacts on our lives, yet the usage of information technology in this sector is one of the least sophisticated.

We provide advisory and consultancy services on how to derive the most value from digital health investments, and how to use innovative and affordable technologies to deliver high quality, effective healthcare.

Our focus is on impact - so inovative solutions can unfold their full potential for patients, staff and healthcare organisations.


Innovation Management for Providers

Managing Innovation for Healthcare Providers

Which innovations are relevant for your organisation? How can you successfully implement them?

Based on your individual situation and strategy, we monitor relevant trends and screen hundreds of solutions. We advise on planning, implementation operation, and implement ourselves.

Find out how our innovation consulting can help you identify, classify and exploit new trends at an early stage.

GTM for IT Vendors

Go-To-Market Execution for Technology Providers

How can you enter healthcare markets in new countries efficiently and optimally?

We can help you position you product, actively find pilot customers and implement projects to a successful go-live. For continued growth, we can help partners or set up your own subsidiary in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Learn more about how we can help you get started in Europe.


How do we introduce new solutions successfully? What really helps and works?

Drive usage

Drive usage, drive benefit
Technology is no longer the limiting factor, but users. Without meaningful benefits for the users, innovation remains ineffective.
Our projects therefore focus early on integrating users and maximising the benefits for the users themselves. 

Technology is just a tool
Many projects revolve around a new technology and look for a meaningful use, whereby the added value is usually neglected.
We help with the analysis, in order to then find suitable tools for the conversion.

Technology is just a tool
Data protection is not an obstacle

Data protection is not an obstacle 
Control over data and transparency of use are not only important by law, but also ethically.
If well planned, data protection does not stand in the way of a project, but is a quality feature that ensures trust and acceptance. 

Innovation is not an end in itself
Resources are too scarce to build innovation projects just for marketing purposes.
We help you classify challenges and trends in order to define and successfully implement projects with real impact for your organisation

Innovation is not an end in itself

Development Team

Healthinnova has an equivalent of 15 full time staff to customise, localise, configure, test, or even develop a new module or solution from scratch.

Consulting Network

Healthinnova has a strong network of experienced consultants to deliver also challenging and complex projects requiring additional expertise or more bandwidth,




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